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I'm home for the summer.

I am so broke.
I have no intentions of getting a job.
Summer Session starts in 4 weeks.
I look great naked.


I'm missing two grades
but this is my anticipated report:

I'm expecting grades in the B+/B/B- range for El Frencho and Le German.

I'm so sick of school.
But I'm also just as sick of my mom.
I can't wait to leave here... it's only been a week.

I could cry man. I was asposed to go to UMD for summer session and HU rejected my course requests.
Now I gotta got back to Hampton for the summer. How wack is that?

At least at school I will have essentials.. like food, and AC, and cable TV.
Andd.. there's never a lack of things to do or friends to make.

It would just be nice to live in a dorm without mold in the shower
...or in my room for that matter.
With coed visitation.
And no summer dress code.

But at home it's just as bad. There's no food.. and the AC is iffy. I'd have to get a lame job somewhere and make enough money to pay for food, gas, entertainment,& other mishaps and expenses. Right. And then there's my mom. Who will probably be a huge pain in my butt again and try to take my freaking car.. again. It's only been a week, and we're not talking... which reminds me I need to go and make a copy of my car keys. Va-room.

My baby is coming home on Friday. Can't wait. I miss him sooooo much.

And my arms hurt from golf.
So.. I think I'm done with this entry.



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