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When I fall...
Danielle Blue
Today, I'm feeling a little different..indifferent, actually.

I'm blogging in the library (*gasp*) between classes.. I think I found the true meaning of bored. I'm really hungry. Yesterday I launched a plan to lose 30 pounds by the end of December. I really don't need, or want to lose 30 pounds.. it's just an experiment. Could I ever be a size 5???? When I get a, I'm gonna join curves, and go every morning before class. I want to be able to stick to a schedule, do things that are good for me. If I am busy, there is little time for wallowing in self-pitty, which I realize that I have been doing a lot of lately.

Maybe I'll make it by getting to the gym by 6 and working out and getting out by 8.. taking a quick shower.. and getting to class a little before 9. Getting outta class at 2, going to work at 3.. Coming home at 9 or 10 , doing homework til 11 or inbetween my 9, and 12 classes.
Tuesdays and Thursdays I just have one 2:00 class. I think I'll get a volunteer Job in the AM so I can get my hours in. So maybe like from 6-8 I'll go to the gym and shower and at 9 I'll get a volunteer job thingie til 1, and at 2 I'll go to class... and at 4 I'll go to work, until 9 or 10.. and Homework til 11 or 12.. and so on.

Business will keep me happy!

Well, I'm off to class

Beaucoup d'amore,
there is a balm..


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