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Things that make you go Ugh.
I don't know why I thought summer school would be fun. Homework during the summer is not fun. I just feel like another day of being young and free is wasted every time I open my A&P book and start doing work. Maybe it's laziness, but I just have a complete and utter disdain for sitting in class when it's 99 degrees outside.. and beautiful.

I don't feel good. I feel physically sick, I'm pissed off, and it's just not a good look. This paper just isn't going to get done tonight. I just don't know enough differences between the chemical and physical differences between respiration in regular speech and quiet breathing. Sorry.

I really, really hate my unboyfriend right now. I swear goodness and everything else that he can't seem to find enough ways to fuck my head up. I wish I had a pair of steel-toe boots to kick him in the nuts.

I miss my car.

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LOL. I thought you two were official, what happened?

:( what are you doing sunday?

being sick is extra lame.

Well, if I'm not going back to the hospital... I'll probably be sitting in the house highly medicated and moving rarely. I'm supposed to go back to school.. but the painkillers they gave me at the hospital wore off and I'm quite certain I will not be making that trip until I get to see this lovely list of doctors the ER doctor gave me :o).

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